Sagittarius and Leo Compatibility: The Adventurer and the Royal

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Are leos and sagittarius compatible

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Conflicts between them could be quite aggressive, not because they are that aggressive themselves, but because two fires build an even larger fire. He also has to be attentive, romantic, generous and trustworthy. Straying to another partner is probably the one thing Leo and Sagittarius compatibility cannot survive.

Are leos and sagittarius compatible

The mutual attraction here is strongly felt by Sagittarius, and Leo compatibility depends upon that adoration, remember, so the link will become stronger as time goes on. When matched with the intellectually curious and upward energy of air, such forces tend to feed and nurture one another. Sagittarius and Leo compatibility stands an excellent chance of longevity if the Adventurer can stay faithful and if Leo can avoid being too bossy and too restrictive.

Are leos and sagittarius compatible

Are leos and sagittarius compatible

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  1. With a little work, communication and a lot of understanding, a relationship between Leo and Sagittarius holds a great deal of promise.

  2. Sagittarius possesses a mutable quality. They are childlike; intense, passionate, loyal and adventurous.

  3. Plus, Sagittarius' high-spirited sense of adventure, love of sports, and intellectual curiosity bodes very well for young imaginative minds, as well as for their need for physical activities and fun explorations.

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