Amelia J. Bloomer

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Amelia bloomer biography

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These corsets sometimes caused health problems and could even lead to physical deformities. Bloomer, however, continued to wear the outfit in daily life and on speaking tours until after her move to Iowa in , behavior that exacerbated the friction between her and other women's rights leaders. Bloomers consisted of a loose-fitting blouse, a knee-length skirt, and baggy pants.

Amelia bloomer biography

She not only wore it but also published instructions for other women to make their own versions. With only a few years of formal education, she started working as a teacher, educating students in her community.

Amelia bloomer biography

Amelia bloomer biography

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  1. Miller displayed her new clothing to Stanton, her cousin, who found it sensible and becoming, and adopted it immediately. She served as the first president of the Iowa Woman Suffrage Association from to

  2. Unlike the temperance meetings Bloomer had attended in the past, this gathering focused on women's rights. When prominent women's rights activists Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott organized the first women's rights convention in the United States, Bloomer attended the July event in Seneca Falls.

  3. University of Iowa Press, He also edited a newspaper in Seneca Falls, New York, and Amelia wrote articles for this publication, especially articles concerning temperance and women's rights.

  4. By the early s, it was clear that Dexter Bloomer wanted to explore opportunities in the West.

  5. In , the Bloomers moved to Mount Vernon, Ohio. Bloomer, Amelia Jenks May 27, —December 30, —writer, editor, temperance advocate, and women's rights proponent—was born in Homer, New York, and grew up in several towns in upstate New York.

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