Dear Mrs Salisbury: I get too wet during sex

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Always wet when having sex

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As mentioned earlier, the Skene glands known informally as the female prostate have a role in lubrication and fluids. The color will be opaque white.

Always wet when having sex

The color will be opaque white. Envisage these muscles at the entrance to the vagina as if they are a horizontal version of the saloon doors in the old cowboy movies and swing them up and down. You're not the first person who has asked me about producing excessive lubrication — and there are ways to deal with it — so don't worry.

Always wet when having sex

Always wet when having sex

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  1. Just because you get wet, it does not mean you are horny. You can be in a sexual situation and wet, but it is absolutely okay and normal not to want sex.

  2. The color will be opaque white. If this bothers you, consider asking your doctor about an alternative birth control that has less estrogen.

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