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Age structure and sex strucure

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A larger size of population in the age group of years indicates the chances of having a larger working population. In the western countries, there is an influx of females from rural areas to avail of the vast employment opportunities in urban areas. The division between rural and urban areas is significant in terms of geographical distribution of population.

Age structure and sex strucure

In the western countries, reverse is the case. The older age structures are those of low-fertility populations, more common to the industrialised nations. However, males experience higher mortality at virtually all ages after birth.

Age structure and sex strucure

Age structure and sex strucure

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  1. But the rate of growth of urban areas has shown a great increase. The principal factor contributing to a change in the age distribution of a population is the rate of fertility:

  2. On the other hand, if the number of children in the population is high, the dependency ratio will be high.

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