Does Adam and Eve's original sin have to do with sex?

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Adam eve didnt know sex

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We think God is restricting us, keeping something from us, and we have a better way. Again, though, I see all of this as being part of God's plan. The Bible says that Eve had sex with Satan.

Adam eve didnt know sex

Rabbinical tradition offers a different explanation, albeit a difficult one. I just think that a "coming of age" sexually appears to have been one of the things that eating the forbidden fruit brought about. The Bible says, "The penalty of sin is death.

Adam eve didnt know sex

Adam eve didnt know sex

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  1. When Jesus died on the cross, He fully paid for all of YOUR sin, and today offers you complete forgiveness and eternal life. I'm not sure whether you're suggesting that sexual intimacy between them was wrong i.

  2. I think we can be certain that at least in a metaphorical sense they ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Death was not part of the Garden of Eden.

  3. They listened to Satan and their own reasoning, thinking God was keeping something wonderful from them, which He was not. It appears that the verse you quoted 4 Now Adam had sexual relations with his wife, specifies this because the sex resulted in the birth of Cain.

  4. Free will can not exist in a place free from sin. It wasn't just "good and evil," in very general terms, but everything we judge as being good or evil, right or wrong.

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