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Abstain from sex weight training

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Endurance athletes should probably abstain. The Real Culprit Oftentimes it's not so much having sex the night before that may affect performance but it's everything else that typically goes along with it, including less sleep.

Abstain from sex weight training

Achieving orgasm before training or competition would produce the exact opposite effect of what this strategy was originally intended to elicit. The Best Time for Sex Post-competition is typically the ideal time for sex. In addition, a higher relative heart rate while competing or training could potentially lead to increased fatigue and quicker time-to-exhaustion.

Abstain from sex weight training

Abstain from sex weight training

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  1. Engaging in sexual activities after intense training or competition may help optimize the hormonal response of training or competition by enhancing immune-system function, as well as helping to promote both physical and mental recovery. It's also important to avoid rapidly digesting carbs that can spike blood sugar as they increase insulin and can delay the rebound effect of testosterone.

  2. A study in high-level male athletes performed in the laboratory. The Best Time for Sex Post-competition is typically the ideal time for sex.

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